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Objectives Of The Competition

  • Introduce the people of the community to the role of Endowments and their importance in community development.
  • Supporting young talents and enhancing creative thinking.
  • Shedding light on the innovative, historical and modern Endowments and introducing them to the community.
  • Highlighting the development role of the Waqf and its multiple economic effects.

The Compition Date

A Hekayat Waqf that carries stories for each waqf, on the land of our precious kingdom. The splendor of the story is completed by embodying it in an inspiring and unique work and then sharing it.

Therefore, the   was keen on the participation of all individuals and segments of Saudi society, in expressing awqaf in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Each artwork bears An awqaf story of different types, locations, sizes, and dates. To highlight its role and importance in social solidarity.

Registration End
The date will be determined soon.


Of Hekayat Waqf

More Than 250,000 Riyals