Do you like movies? is your imagination wide and your thinking has no limits Participate in the “Hekayat Waqf” competition.

Through a short film that carries a creative idea that tells stories about endowments and their benefits to the individual and society, and highlights this Islamic system to spread the culture of awqaf among members of the community and to be a motivator for many to take the initiative in the work of awqaf or introduce young people to the types of awqaf in the Kingdom.

Read the terms and join us in this challenge.

The conditions 

  • The duration of the film should not be less than two minutes and not more than 5 minutes.
  • To have written approval for any personalities that may appear in the work.
  • Submit two copies of the movie in (MB4-MOV-H.264) format in HD or 4K.
  • That the information is documented and correct and does not refer to matters in dispute or in conflict with religious, cultural or social norms or beliefs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • All materials used (video - audio - pictures - graphics) must be original produced by the participant or he has the written consent of the owners.
  • Photography, sound and script quality.

Contest Prizes

  •   First prize

    20,000 SR

  •   Second prize

    14,000 SR

  •     Third prize

    8,000 SR

Upload Your Work

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