Fine Art

An artist and you have your own style of expressing your ideas, you find yourself able to create aesthetic value using different materials.

Show your creativity and passion and participate with us in the (hekayat waqf) competition.

By expressing Awqaf, their history, their various forms and their impact on the individual and society, and portraying for us this Islamic system that embodies for us the meaning of social solidarity.

Read the terms and join us in the contest.

The conditions 

  • That the work carries creativity, distinction and unique artistic value.
  • The dimensions of the artwork shall not be less than 50 cm x 50 cm and not more than 1 m x 1 m.
  • The size of the sculpture should not be less than 50 cm and not more than 1 m, and the material of the sculpture should be made of wood or stone, and it can be moved.
  • The participant is free to determine the type of materials and materials used in the drawing.
  • Upload the work in the form of a picture that shows the work well.
  • The winning works of the competition shall be delivered to the office’s headquarters in Riyadh.
  • The file size should not exceed 30 megabytes.

Contest Prizes

  •   First prize

    20,000 SR

  •   Second prize

    14,000 SR

  •     Third prize

    8,000 SR

Upload Your Work

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